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Pagodin's Tree Fertilization Service
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Call us at (609) 499-9459 to fertilize and invigorate your plants, trees and shrubs.

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Pagodin's Tree Fertilization Service
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Nurturing trees and shrubs requires a different approach today. Traditional fertilizers can produce excessive canopy growth resulting in poor root development. This leads to weakened trees that are susceptible to insect infestation, disease, and storm damage. These conditions are the top causes of tree death.

Building better and stronger root systems is critical for good tree health. A heathy root system can help trees and shrubs withstand intense summer heat, droughts, and many other environmental stresses.

Pagodin's Tree Fertilization Service. Maintaining healthy trees and shrubs for Mercer County, NJ and Burlington County, NJ for 18 years Most soils are in poor condition, tightly compacted, and low in organic nutrients that are beneficial to microbial life. Our plant preservation and biofertilaization techniques can work to rebuild tired, depleted soils and invigorate the root systems of your trees and shrubs. Our biofertilization process can establish viable microbial populations that will generate organic matter and invigorate your trees and shrubs.

And the big benefit of this biofertilization program is that it becomes a naturally renewable source of biofertilization for your trees and shrubs. Call us today about our affordable Plant Preservation and BioFertilization Programs.

Pagodin's Tree Care Service provides professional tree removal and biofertilization services for the following municipalities in New Jersey: Florence, Bordentown, Pennington, Fieldsboro, Princeton, Hopewell, Hamilton, Lawrenceville, Princeton Junction, Springfield, Windsor, Hightstown, Columbus, East Windsor, Washington Township, Yardville, West Windsor, Robbinsville, Ewing, Burlington County, Mercer County and the surrounding areas.
For additional information, call us at 609-499-9459

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Providing Professional Forest Management Services, Forest Management Plan, Woodland Management, Forestry Stewardship Plan, Forestry Plan, and Farmland Assessment Planning To New Jersey, Delaware, and Eastern Pennsylvania For Over 18 Years.
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