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Land Clearing & Renewal specialist

Land Clearing & Renewal

We take pride in our ability to manage your Forestry and farming needs in an ecologically friendly way.  Without the use of sprays, or bulldozers which can devastate the nutrient rich soil, our machines can remove unwanted briars and diseased plants without removing the nutrient rich top soil.  This process allows us to be environmentally friendly and budget cautious by minimizing the disturbance to your property.   

Timber Sales

If you currently own, or are looking to clear a portion or an entire lot of trees, you may be able to generate a substantial amount of cash.

As one of the premiere timber companies in the area and an active timber buyer, we routinely pay cash to property owners for tree harvesting rights on their property located in New Jersey, Delaware, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Tree Care and Services

With over 20 years of experience in Burlington and Mercer our certified arborists are among the most skilled tree removal specialists in the industry. Professional training and years of experience gives our tree technicians the knowledge and experience to determine when a tree represents a danger. Rather than waiting for the next wind storm or lightning strike to cause extensive property damage, our exclusive tree evaluation system can prevent tree and property damage before it happens. 

What sets us apart

Certified Arborist

As certified arborists we bring with us the knowledge and foresight of understanding how the ecology of your property will be affected by the loss of even one tree.  We keep up to date on the industry with continuing education and being active members of the International Society of Arboriculture.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Tree work is extremely hazardous which is why hiring a company that is fully insured should be every property owners top priority.  We are fully insured, protecting you and your property.  Proof of insurance is always available upon request.