Timber Sales

As one of the premiere timber companies in the area and an active timber buyer, we routinely pay cash to property owners for tree harvesting rights on their property located in New Jersey, Delaware, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Regardless of whether your property is heavily forested or just contains a small section of mature trees, our expert timber buyers will come out to your property and give you an estimate as to their value.

As a full-service tree company, we can assess your property from start to finish.  We begin with a plan, remove the unwanted trees from your property and give you a check.  It is that simple. 

Logs are purchased on site at fair market price. We can even arrange for trucking to remove the timber once cut.

Generate Annual Income


Our professional tree harvesting team is always available to assist woodland property owners with their timber sales. On many properties, we can design a select cut tree harvesting schedule that can preserve your farm assessment and provide you with a regular annual income. Call or email us today to discover the value of your standing timber.

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